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Eco-responsible, ethical and vegan selection
2717 Masson st. , Montreal, Quebec, Canada H1Y1W6
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Femme Mécanique Designs - Montreal - eco-responsible and ethical silver, gold, brass and bronze jewelry.
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Women's Fashion

Advika - Montreal - comfortable clothes inspired by the streets of Montreal, yoga and dance
Odeyalo - Montreal - luxurious and comfortable clothing, eco-friendly and locally made. The Russian word одеяло (odeyalo) means quilt / blanket.
Simone's Rose - Winnipeg - "slow fashion" clothes in natural and organic fabrics and fibers
Damoizelle - Mont-Saint-Hilaire - ecological clothing in organic cotton and hemp
Blondie Apparel - Ottawa - eco-friendly and comfortable clothes in cotton, bamboo and tencel
PLB Design - Montreal - T-shirts made in Quebec according to ethical processes with eco-responsible materials
Clothes & Roads - Longueuil - Light and comfortable clothes made of bamboo rayon
Pascale Viau - Montreal - eco-friendly fashion made with reclaimed and upcycled fabric

Men's Fashion

PLB Design - Montreal - T-shirts made in Quebec according to ethical processes with eco-responsible materials

Bags and Accessories

Pixie Mood - Toronto - bags and accessories in "vegan leather" (LDPE) and cork - vegan and fair trade
Corkor - Lisbon, Portugal - cork bags, purses, belts and more - vegan and fair trade
Cass' - Montreal - Waxed cotton canvas bags and accessories for cyclists - designed and made by Élène Beaudoin
Taska - Toronto - High-end bags in "vegan leather" (PU) and textile with a refined design, designed and made by Nadya Asti-Rose
GP Ébéniste - Montreal - Bow ties, belt buckles and other wooden accessories made from recycled skateboards
Fetch - Manitoba - Vegan Leather Bags, Waxed Canvas and Cork, Designed and Made by Jackie Klassen
Novel Supply Co - Vancouver - Organic cotton toques


NAE (No Animal Exploitation) - Amadora, Portugal - vegan shoes, eco-friendly and fair, made of pineapple leather, recycled plastics, microfiber and cork
Native - British Columbia - vegan, eco-friednly and fair trade shoes, certified by PETA
Etnies - vegan selection of this brand of skate shoes
Over The Moon - Toronto - chic vegan leather sneakers

Body care

BKIND - Montreal - Wide variety of 100% vegan and natural beauty products
Stressless Natural Solutions - Toronto - natural and cruelty-free aromatherapy products - body butters, candles, bath, massage and beard oils, room sprays and essential oils.
Urban Beard - Toronto - vegan beard care products - oils, shampoos, conditioners, balms, and shaving tools.
Ameoli - Frelisburgh - Shampoos, conditioners, creams, serums and exfoliators - natural ingredients
Tonic - Montreal - Bar soaps, shampoos and conditioners and various care products - 100% natural plant ingredients
Rose Citron - Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby - 100% natural and vegan skincare products

Home and Decoration

Driftwood Studio - London, ON - eco-friendly birch driftwood and red cedar boxes - crafted by Paul Kane
Nature Imprint - Montreal - ring dishes, bowls, plates, tea cups, vases, coasters and ceramic candle holders - made in an eco-responsible manner by Geneviève Gallant
Canadiano - Toronto - Wood and steel zero-waste coffee filters.
Pascale Atelier - Montréal - Ceramic cups, bowls, soap dishes and coffee filter sets - made in an eco-responsible manner by Pascale Tétreault
Atelier L'Éclisse - Grondines - Vases and cangle holders made from reclaimed wood - crafted by Benoit Royer
Marie-France Labrosse - Planters, Bowls and Cups in porcelain and eco-responsible stoneware.
Parceline - Montréal - Planters, Bowls and Cups in porcelain and eco-responsible stoneware, made by Céline Fafard
Goye - Montreal - jewelry bowls, cups and coffee bowls in eco-friendly porcelain, made by Stéphanie Goyer
Les Cabanes Lambert - Birdhouses and Feeders
Anitcha - Porcelain decorative objects, crafted by Émilie Coquil
Bar à Plantes - Montréal - Porcelain wall planters and vases
Le Tenon et la Mortaise - Saint-André - Wall hangers for planters and magnetic frames made from wood


Opulent Pines - Ottawa - linocuts by artist Shayla Marsh inspired by Canadian flora


Flowerink - Montreal - Plantable Greeting Cards (biodegradable paper containing flower and herbal seeds)


Justine Skahan - Montreal - Greeting cards with reproductions of the artist's paintings

Chère Simone - Val-David - digital prints and stationery with unique photo montages

Vincent Toutou - Montréal - greetings cards with digital reproductions of the artist's cute and colourful illustrations

Catherine Lavoie - Québec - Posters and greeting cards with digital reproductions of the artist's paintings

Ariana Sauder - Montréal - Posters with digital reproductions of the artist's paintings