Artistic Process

Julie Verfaillie is a self-taught jeweler at work since 2012.


Her work is inspired by the natural and architectural landscape of the Mile-Ex district of Montreal and their transformation into wearable art. Her creations are formed from pieces that she molds and subsequently casts in a foundry, and from metal wire work.


She uses sterling silver, gold, brass, bronze, gold-filled and makes her own gold and rhodium plating


Her work is categorized into 3 intertwined collections: Architectural Minimalism, Nature Relics and Rustic Concrete.


Desiring that her work conforms to her values, she adopts eco-responsible processes - use of recycled materials, reduction of waste and toxic products, packaging made of partially recycled and biodegradable materials. She uses precious stones and diamonds that are certified conflict free according to the Kimberly process.


Not wanting to limit herself to selling online, in art fairs and in boutiques, she has dreamed for several years of having a storefront with her own studio/boutique, which lead her to 2717 rue Masson, in the Montreal district of Rosemont. All the products of the Femme Mécanique Designs line are designed, manufactured and sold on site.


The second facet of the boutique consists of offering a selection of products that also reflect her values, designed and manufactured using eco-responsible, ethical, humane and fair processes to meet the needs of conscientious consumers and the vegan community. The majority of products offered in store come from Canadian artisans and small businesses, as well as a few exclusives imported from Europe and Australia.