Jumper Dresses and Tees made from reclaimed fabric by Pascale Viau!

Planters from Parceline!

A fresh batch of Ring Dishes from Nature Imprint!



Due to COVID-19 our participation in upcoming craft shows has not yet been determined.

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Femme Mécanique Designs has a Studio/Boutique

Femme Mécanique Designs has built her business on online sales and craft shows, but in 2018 she decided to take the plunge and open her very own Studio/Boutique in her neighbourhood of Rosemont in Montreal.

It is a showcase of her entire collection of fine jewellery in Silver, Gold and Bronze and the pieces are made on site!

The second facet of her boutique is a selection of vegan, eco-friendly and ethical products, ranging from clothes and shoes, to care products and crafts (ceramic, print, woodwork, etc.). The majority of the 50 makers represented are from Canada!

We also sell our jewellery online on Etsy

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